To the extent permitted by law, SigmaPage, Inc. (“SigmaPage”) hereby excludes and disclaims any warranties, representations, or conditions, whether statutory, express, or implied.

SigmaPage does not guarantee the accuracy of the information included in this website including, but not limited to, the names of the physicians, administrators and other registered users, their contact information, practice area, schedules, and any and all other physician, physician practice, hospital, administrator and registered user related information.

A purpose of this service is to provide a streamlined process to contact a physician.  SigmaPage does not guarantee, however, that a physician, or any other party, will be contacted within a certain period of time and/or will contact the nurse, patient or any other party within a certain period of time.

SigmaPage also does not warrant as to the quality of the physician, provider, administrator or registered user service or to the quality of any treatment or other care provided by the physician, provider, administrator or registered user.  As stated above, SigmaPage is solely providing a contact service.  It is not providing any medical advice.

This service is not for emergency situations.  If you have an emergency, please contact 911.  Although this service provides for a more efficient process in reaching your doctor, it is not for the purpose of emergencies. 

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